About Disciples Report

Finding quality Christian articles, podcasts, and videos can be challenging. The internet is full of strange things, and many who claim the name of Jesus do not teach what Jesus taught. Disciples Report is designed to bring together information about Jesus and a biblical worldview, in a format that makes finding topical answers simple. Each article is chosen and curated because we believe that the content should be shared, to benefit both believers and seekers.

Disciples Report was created with three goals in mind:

With these goals in mind, we value your input and your feedback. We want to be helpful, so we need to know what you need. We want to be thorough, so we need your help in locating resources. Please feel free to send your suggestions. We will take them seriously.

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Statement of Faith

This website is a labor of love, created in response to the confusion caused by false teachers and ignorance of what the Bible teaches. The goal is not to promote any single viewpoint, but to provide access to biblically-consistent teachers and sound doctrine.

Within the Body of Christ, there can be a measure of diversity. Where the Bible is clear, we should be equally clear. Where there are questions, we should work together to make sure that our beliefs are consistent with the gospel. Our personal beliefs guide the content that is included here, and include – but are not limited to – the ancient historic creeds of Christianity, especially the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed.


If your content appears on Disciples Report, you should feel free to give us feedback. We are willing to immediately remove your content, or to amend any article, upon request. Our goal is to promote YOU, because you promote the gospel.


This site was designed to accommodate advertising for relevant products and services that appeal to our audience. If you have a product, service, or event to promote, feel free to contact us. Disciples Report isn’t a for-profit entity, but we would be pleased to be able to devote more time and resources to accomplish our mission.