Articles about Evangelism / Witnessing

Jesus told His followers to make disciples… that is, to bring seekers into Christian community and teach them to obey everything He taught. That process usually starts with one person sharing their faith with another, often called “witnessing.” These articles help us understand the how and the why of spreading the gospel so we can make the disciples Jesus commands us to make.

How Evangelism is Kind of Like Fishing

Jesus told Simon and Andrew that He would make them 'fishers of men.' Because they were fishermen, Jesus' words carried more meaning than if they had been tailors, or football players. Here, Tim Challies details a few of the more significant ideas behind fishing for people.

4 Ways Questions Keep You Safe in Scary Conversations

When you're in a stressful conversation of any kind - but especially about religious ideas - asking questions is a key strategy. Rather than working to have all of the answers (which isn't bad), it may be as helpful to learn to ask good questions.

How Is Someone Saved? (Mormons vs Christians)

Watch a man-on-the-street conversation between two Christians and several Mormons. The main topic is the difference between what the LDS teach about salvation and the biblical explanation of what saves us.