Articles about Government

Disciples Report may include content related to government, but will avoid content related to politics. The Bible speaks often of government, and those who govern… this is content that will be reflected here. Politics has more to do with current events, rather than with timeless principles. Serious Bible study and prayer should be enough to settle most political disputes among believers, so that is our aim.

The Biggest Threat Faced by the Church

In today's America, there's a lot of talk about the kinds of things that threaten the well-being of the church. At the forefront, for many, is the idea that tyranny is our most significant worry. This article suggests another foe.

My Threshold for Civil Disobedience in a COVID19 World

Church attendance is down because governments are restricting the size of public gatherings. COVID-19 is today's pandemic, but the principles involved in whether churches obey or disobey such restrictions are timeless.