Articles about Jesus

Jesus is God, and the promised Jewish Messiah. He came to earth as a human, taught us how to live, explained what happens when we die, and died to demonstrate His love for even those who reject Him. His words and actions form the basis for living as we should, and Christians look forward to His return, when He will make all sad things untrue.

Progressive Christians: Where and How They Differ with Jesus

These days, many who claim the name of Jesus are also politically and theologically "progressive." They don't view God, Jesus, or the Bible in the traditional sense of what Christians have believed from the first century forward. They often substitute their own views for those found in Scripture. For this reason, it's important to be able to compare progressive beliefs with Scriptural truths.

How Can the Divinity of Christ be Proven?

Jesus asked His disciples who people thought He was. We should ask others the same question. Many don't believe Jesus is God. If He is, then His claims should be taken very seriously.