Articles about Love God with your Mind

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament teach those who would follow God to love Him with all that we are… including with our minds. Christianity is a faith based first in information about historical events, and we are to use our minds to live as we should, to share truth with others, and to worship our Creator. Loving God with your mind isn’t optional… it’s the foundation of our relationship.

A Simple Explanation of Divine Simplicity

God is "simple." That is, He is not a combination of things that already existed, like a cabinet is made of wood. Instead, He existed before anything else existed. Because of this, anything true of God comes not from His parts, because He has no parts. All things true about God are completely true of Him, in totality.

Christians are Idling in Intellectual Neutral

William Lane Craig speaks at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in 2012 on the importance of an engaged mind to we who follow Jesus, and its implications for those who doubt.