Articles about The Problem of Evil

Why do we suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow us to struggle, to suffer, and to die? These questions are difficult, and they are universal. We who trust that God is truly benevolent must face these questions without flinching.

Eating Out With Your Kids When Hell is Real

Skeptics of Christianity often cite the so-called 'problem of evil' to indict Christians, and to indict God. How, they ask, could a loving God - or a supposedly loving follower - live a life with any joy, peace, or contentment while others suffer? Then, they ask, how could anyone be happy in Heaven when they know that others are suffering eternally in Hell? Consider this article as one example of how we might address such an objection.

Original Sin or Original Blessing?

Mormons and New-Agers have something in common: they often consider the Fall of Man to be a positive development for humanity, rather than a negative one. This contradicts what we read in the Bible, of course. Alisa Childers outlines the problems with this view.

What was the Physical Appearance of the Serpent Prior to the Fall?

The Bible describes the devil, our spiritual enemy, in a number of ways. The most well-known is the serpent, who was cursed by God to crawl on his belly for deceiving Eve. What was he like before the curse? Video, 5:44

Is Everything Sad Going to Come Untrue? Why We Need Eschatology Now More than Ever

Michael J. Kruger points to the underlying truth of biblical eschatology: that evil exists, and that it is a problem that God will ultimately solve. We believe that good things will happen but, better, that sad things will become untrue.

Christianity Offers the Best Solution to Death and Suffering: Interview with Author Clay Jones

The question of suffering is one that we all have to deal with. Why do we suffer? Why doesn't God prevent suffering? Does Christianity have anything unique and helpful to say about death and suffering? Video 55:45