Articles about The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus is critical to our faith. Unless Jesus was raised bodily from the dead, our faith is in vain. Being raised from the dead shows that Jesus is who He claimed to be. Christians should be aware of the doubts and the evidence surrounding this historic event.

A Neglected Proof for the Resurrection – The Sign of Jonah

Jesus' death fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. Even though He paralleled His own death with 'the sign of Jonah,' some have struggled to justify using His words as evidence, believing that Jonah didn't die inside the fish. A careful look at Scripture says otherwise.

Should Christians use the Argument from Martyrdom? A Reply to Bart Ehrman

The argument from martyrdom suggests that Jesus' disciples could have escaped death by recanting their testimony about Jesus, but chose not to... leading us to conclude that they really believed He has risen from the dead. Is this a good argument?