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Articles about Salvation

Salvation means ‘to be saved.’ That could be applied to being saved from anything, of course. In the New Testament, salvation generally means being saved from bondage to sin, and being saved from the penalty for sinning. Salvation is a gift from God and can’t be earned. Unfortunately, not everyone will be saved… only those who turn to God and trust Him with their lives will be saved.

A common belief in our culture today is that all religions ultimately lead to God... that their differences are irrelevant, since 'all roads lead to Heaven.' Does this claim stand up to scrutiny? Video 4:30

Is it Once Saved Always Saved? Can we lose our salvation? What does the Bible say? This important issue is an internal debate among Christians and should be addressed not by sharing our opinions, but by looking at Scripture. Disagreements should be handled with grace and truth.

Calvinism is a system of Christian thought known for a specific view of the predestination of believers. Molinism is a lesser-known system with a different view. If you've ever wondered about soteriology - that is, the doctrine of salvation - this podcast might be helpful to you.

Aaron asked: "I saw your comments regarding baptism and you said baptism is not necessary to get to heaven...but its Jesus' commandment for us to be baptised. If we don't, aren't we disobeying? Isn't disobedience a sin? How can we get to heaven without baptism?"

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