Articles about Seedbed

The Lawless One in Thessalonians

Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica about a man he called 'the lawless one.' Who was he? What do we know about him, and what does this teach us about spiritual counterfeits?

Brian Shelton, “The Biblical Case for Prevenient Grace”

The Bible teaches that we are born in sin, and will not seek God on our own... yet all are called to repent. How is this possible? The answer is known as 'prevenient grace,' which bridges the gap between what we are able to do and what God calls us to to.

Do We Really Believe in the Holy Spirit?

In John 14, Jesus said that we who follow Him will do what He did, and - somewhat surprisingly - even greater things. This isn't due to our amazing knowledge and talents, but due to the Holy Spirit working through us. Do we really believe this is true?

The Kingdom of God Advances

Which is it? Is the kingdom of God suffering passively, enduring the violence of a nonbelieving world and overactive demons until the day when it finally conquers? Or is the kingdom of God actively, forcefully pushing through, refusing to take no for an answer and refusing to be laid aside by people who are surprised by the way it looks?